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Derbac-M 200 ml



DERBAC-M - Very effective lotion to combat scabies, lice and pubic lice.

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This preparation is very delicate, there are no contraindications to the use by people suffering from asthma or have a very sensitive skin. The active ingredient of the fluid Derbac-M Malathion 0.5% w / w - insecticide which kills the parasites. The product is intended for adults, elderly and children over 6 months of age. Infants under 6 months of age should undergo treatment under medical supervision.

Treatment of scabies:

Derbac-M should be spread over the entire surface of the skin. In adults, it is not necessary to use above the neck, but in children under the age of 2 years should apply a thin layer on the scalp, face and ears, avoiding contact with the mouth and eyes. The product should be left on the skin for 24 hours.

Treatment of pubic lice:

The preparation should be applied to the entire surface of the skin, pay special attention to the space hairy, such as beard and mustache. Derbac-M is left on the skin for a minimum of 1 h but to get a very good result, please leave overnight.

Treating lice:

Exactly apply liquid Derbac-M to dry hair, leave to dry in a warm but well-ventilated area. After 12 h rinse thoroughly wet hair gently comb to remove dead lice and nits.

A capacity of 200 ml. Long expiration date.

For each package, accompanied by a leaflet. Cosmetic is available without a prescription.


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